Setting a group in motion

The World Café is a collaborative practice, which facilitates a process of dialogue and shared knowledge and ideas within a group; in an effort to raise awareness or build a common operation course of action.

The traditional World Café’s concept is based on participants’ movement and networking abilities. The space is organised in tables of 4 to 5 peoples, which encourages participants to walk from table to table and analyse and exchange on a topic. They confront their ideas or enhance others’ suggestions, table after table, with different partners.

This process, if organised efficiently, is interesting in the sense that it allows the intermingling of ideas and viewpoints’ pollination.

The main disadvantage is that the necessary logistic only allows 60 to 70 participants per event.

With Talk4, we offer to use this method to facilitate an efficient collaborative work within much larger groups (up to 500 participants), who would interact remotely.

The rhythm of questioning will create the energy and the answers’ immediate rate of return boost interactivity.

Following the concept of traditional World Café, participants are invited to participate in consecutive discussions with 20 to 50 people, each discussion being frame by a questioning.

A discussion = a talk = a virtual table at World Café. Within a talk, the immediate restructuring of input encourages participants to react, correct and vote. Interactivity enables ideas’ fertilization.

The synthesis report of each talk’s exchanges is immediately available for the next step of the world café.

Thanks to a World Café digital talk 4, you can, in a few hours of intense exchange, share a challenging and complex issue within a whole organisation. For instance, as an upstream strategic planning, or as a way to encourage every stakeholder to cooperate in an ecosystem, without having to go through a spokesperson.

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