Why settle for a mediocre impact for your training ?

Be trained with e-learning has become the most popular way of learning in business. Faster, cheaper, it responds globally to expectations.

In fact, the main issue is the appropriation of these trainings by those who has followed it, meaning the concrete application in their day-to-day actions mostly when they have to do it as a team.

Thanks to talk4, we can do better.

At school, a reverse lecture consists to learn, at home, what you will see the next day at school. The aime is to be able to ask questions to deepen knowledges and apply them in concrete exercices.

In a firm, we can organize a talk, in addition of a e-learning session to work, as a team or alone, on the example we just learn about.

Questions help the group, such as a teacher in a reverse class :
What have you learn ? How could we used it ?

In which situations can you apply it ? How ?

Results: learning that goes into the behaviors, and data that allow to evaluate the real impact of the training that we can thus eventually complete.