Do you have any questions ?

That’s usually how you end a presentation.

In fact, most of those who have listen to the deep meaning lecture, need a little bit of time to process it before they can ask question to the speaker. They know that, that’s why they keep it quite.

Even if this time to process is not an immediate effect, tomorrow bring with it new subjects and only a small part of the lecture will be remembered by those who have listen.

What could be a really efficient question after a lecture is “What do you remember of this lecture ?’. With this kind of question we force the public to remember what have been said and to summarize informations.

If we add ‘What has been forgotten ?’, each person will be forced to remember and think by themselve.

As soon as the speaker will be in possession of the question, he or whe will know that was understood and what wasn’t and he or she will have the chance to specify his or her ideas.

This process is based on reverse pedagogy.
It’s not a really elegant process fo business meeting.

With your smartphone and talk4, it’s fast and easy. We have a sum up of all the answers right away, no matter how many people are concerned.

Finally, a real opportunity to get a shared understanding !

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