Close-ended question, limited question

In a scale to 1 to 5, how do you evaluate your mood today ? Here is a well-thought close-ended question. At this point, you could juste ask to answer green light for good and red light for bad.

Close-ended questions are useful to collect a factual information or when we want to follow a trend. They have the urge advantage to be really easy to analyse, that’s why we prefer to use it, even if we use it too much.

But, they have 2 big limits :

1- Because they are closed-ended question, we can know why the participant answer the particular answer. But, when the aim of the question is important, we have to look for the cause, regarding the risk to not recover the information when it will be obsolete.

2- We are stuck in a limited environment of analysis. Sure, I determined the impacting factors of my customers’ satisfaction, I ask them about these subjects regarding the risk to miss a new subject or a weak signal which could be important in the future.

Before launching a survey, it’s really important to ask yourself what is the limits of the answers that you will have.

While the time fly fast, there’s not point on having answers which were useful yesterday.

Think about the time that you take from your participants : don’t waste it !

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