What’s the weather today?

This question is, at first, a meteorological simple question, the one that you ask in the morning to decide whether you will take or not an umbrella.

‘It’s raining’ or ‘the weather is nice’ are the first factual answers we can think of.

But, if you ask to your friends from Brittany or Scotland “does it rain often in Brittany or Scotland ?” you might notice that the answer will change in function of the reference the participant have. A shower every single day which doesn’t keep you from going outside on the beach is not the same as a heavy shower which keep you at home, looking to the window all day.

To our dear British friends, the question “does it rain ?” is a question which lacks of precision.

Showers or rains?

Spitting or scattered showers?

The question ‘What’s the weather today ?” isn’t one of the closed-ended question to which you can answer : ‘nice’ or ‘not nice’

After all, is the question ‘What’s the wheather today ?’ only a question where you ask for climatic matter ?

Obviously not… Ask a question about the wheather is after all a really common way to begin a conservation with an unknown person or to avoid an embarrassing silence.

So, it’s possible that is also a non-question !

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