A marketplace of good practice

Sharing innovative initiatives or the code of good practices between operational units of an organisation is a need expressed by every network enterprise. But it not a simple process to efficiently implement.

The problem lies in the difficulty to find an adequate audience for a good operational idea.

Therefore, it is first of all necessary for the shaping to be clearly set and to enhance its difference and impact.

Also, it is important that the audience attending the case review is able to evaluate this impact and be open to a new approach proposition. The usual “in this company, it won’t work” is a dreadful barrier.

Let’s forget about pre-formatted catalogues that lead to content depletion in the guise of structure, and that deter anyone, including the most motivated, from looking into it.

Let’s also forget the issuer’s method. Surely we use the pride of those who create something different, but this working method does not encourage motivation among potential receivers.

Let’s, however, focus talk4’s direct and collaborative exchange method!

Step 1 :  all operational, are invited through the questioning to solve in details the issue(s) to tackle and their drawbacks.

Step 2 : the group, which now shares a common analyse of the problem, is invited to offer solutions, homogenously categorised by talk4’s Cobot.

Step 3 : the group works on each solution/category in order to define implementation and success conditions. Perhaps, they can collectively evaluate, through a vote, the ones that could have the most significant impact.

Results : a proper collaborative work allows sharing operational expertise and good practice’s pollination.

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