Without the appropriate tools to take advantage a large number answers, no way we can ask open-questions !

It’s for this goal that the talk4 platform was conceived. It integrate  a COBOT – COllaborative roBOT – which allows to gather, by identical idea, extremely quickly, respondents’ answers.  It operate in collaboration with a human : its pilot.

The natural language processing is a discipline of artificial intelligence that covers various and complex purposes.

It’s a difficult task to sort answers out, in real time, to an open question because there’s no agreement on what should be the result.

Our knowledges about the environment, the pilot’s perception come into play in how we read exchanges. That’s why it’s important to learn form the pilot’s perception to return a coherent and meaningful classification.

The COBOT al4 learn in 2 steps: before, it was trained to understand the language used by the respondents and then it learns, in supervised mode, in real time, from the pilot’s behaviour.

We could defined this approach as “dynamic machine learning dynamique”.

COBOT al4 .. At your service for your exchanges!

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