Reverse pedagogy is also part of in-company training.

Remote training, via an e-learning training or a monoc, has become the most widespread method of in-company training. Remote trainings are not only faster to implement and more economically efficient than trainings where physical attendance is required, they also live up to the expectations, even if the real impact of trainings is seldom measured.

Realistically, training’s assimilation, meaning their concrete application in their daily work lives, is highly imperfect, even if tests assess the knowledge as acquired.

This is all the more so, because it is usually through teamwork that associates have to learn, dependent of one another. Also, for a new approach to be spread out, the work community must adopt a common critical thinking.

It appears clear that we can do better… and it’s easy with talk4!

At school, a reverse class consists in making pupils learn their lessons at home and dedicate in-class time to questioning, thus allowing to check and further their knowledge and put it into practice.

For a company, with talk4, it is possible to organise a talk on top of an e-learning training to, in teams or individually, put in practice what was taught.

A questioning guides the group, like a teacher would for a reverse class :

  • What did you learn ?
  • What can it be used for ?
  • In what concrete situation would you apply it to ?
  • How ?

Results :a learning process, which can be implemented into both behaviours and data, that allows to assess the efficiency of the training and thereby highlights the areas that need to be completed or corrected.

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