Focus group 2.0


The focus group is a well known method by marketing teams. It’s the only exploration method, beyond individual meeting, which allows exchanges in a goup of clients or prospects for a new offer, or explore together a specific problematic.

Nevertheless, it’s a method which isn’t easy to execute because it’s expensive and really long to achieve. Because it’s expensive, we try to simplify : we reduce the number of sessions, and the result may be unsatisfactory or questionable.

In particular, it’s difficult to recrut a group of participants who is representative of our target. To do it well, it would be necessary to multiply sessions with several groups representing different profiles of clients, in differents localisations.  Who has the budget for it ?

The “On-line” method, allow to avoid travel and infrastructres charges but they reproduce the same method of interaction we can find in a face-to-face meeting. An animator work at distance with a small group but the discussion takes place in tchat. It’s less expensive but not really satisfying.

Digital fonctions provides by the talk4 platform allow to apply animation technic for remote group, with much more people and so more representative of the target. It’s the 2.0 focus group.

talk4 ‘s focus group involves 50 to 80 persons, connected in a ‘Live’ talk, at the same time. The discussion may be only digital or be combined with a web conference. In those two cases, participants follows a questionning protocol which stimulate their reflexion and make them react about different contents presented. All datas exchanged are retained and exploited during the session and then after the talk.

During the Focus Group 2.0, although all the participants are at a distance, a real collective conversation is engaging, because the answers of all in natural language, aggregated by Cobot talk4 in coherent ideas, are restored to them immediately. Participants can react, complete, argue or ask questions…As in a face-to-face meeting, you can vary the formats: organize a discovery journey before the discussion, organize workshops with subgroups etc..

And with the multilingual function of talk4, you can even organize a Focus group 2.0 with participants of several nationalities answering each one in their own language, the restitution being done in English or French.

With talk4, the focus group becomes more relevant while becoming economically affordable

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