Marketing Studies


Ask open questions to have a better understanding about your clients

Your usual follow-up indicators for your maketing studies can’t revealed everything such as all your close-ended surveys !

We know, clients are more and more demanding, more and more informed,  become less and less regular client… But they are still attached to the essentials : product or service quality,  On le sait, les clients sont de plus en plus exigeants, de plus en plus informés, de moins en moins fidèles .. mais ils sont aussi attachés à des fondamentaux: la qualité du produit ou du service, procurement facility, price. Well… it depends !

This evolving client, it’s more and more difficult to put him in a category and deduce a buying behaviour. To have a better understanding of his motivations, his desires, we must talk to him and more important, make him talk.

Though social media, some comment spontaneously what they think about the brand and its services… But, it’s only some of them, fans or unhappy clients mostly, and you really would like to know more about it or may be about something else.

With talk4’s platform, it’s easy. You can ask them YOUR questions. Using open-questions, they will provide you answers beyond what you expected, about subjects that interessed you :

– What make you choose this product ? The brand or its easy access at the drive next to your office ?

-You are a regular client of our vacation village, what will make you recommend it to yours friends ?

With open questions, (but not only !), you make your client talk to you, you listen to their ‘why?’ and you understand what make them different, regarding situations.

Your analysis are more precise, you could image new ways to attract them and convince them.


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