Engagement at the heart of serving attitude


The 9th Esprit de Service France’s Convention had a really beautiful theme and gathered, that, day almost 200 representatives of its member companies .

With that kind of theme, we can’t imagine a conference without commitment and participations of the people in the room and we expect them to be active ! By the way, the program was elaborated as an invitation to discuss : ‘Can we serve without commitment ?

Because exchanges, discussions and co-construction were essential for the planners, they have chosen talk4 ‘s platform as a trade facilitation tool for this event. For them, it was inconceivable to have a simple digital animation and play with key word, they wanted to creat and produce, all together, a real content in order to generate a real and a mutual reflexion.

That’s why, this Convention wasn’t conceived as a continous flow of lectures and round-table discussions but as a discussion involving actively all members of the association, whether they were at the Convention or they could’nt be there that day.

The discussion started before the Convention and continued after it, in order to amplify the effect of the day :

  • Before the Convention, all members were invited to think about the evolution of commitment levers in a firm thought answering to open questions elaborated about this theme. Their answers allows the speakers to open directly the dialogue and not be strictly lecturer.
  • During the Convention, the respondents answered with their smartphone to ‘live’ questions, relating to the round-table discussions, guiding debates. They also could ask all their questions, also thanks to the platform.
  • After the Convention, whether than evaluate in a traditionnal way speaker’s intervention, the participants were requested, thought a open-question questionnaire, to say what they remembered, what would they like to deepen and what new subjects would they like to discuss about in a next meeting.

All the answers were gathered by common ideas and were immediatly available for the planners and give them a riche feedback about what participants mutualy understand  about discussed subjects and those which will be discussed at the next event.

Engaged ? Participants were and expressed it.
Thanks to the quality of the organisation and subject of course but also how it was talked about.

Once more, we checked that creating together is at the heart of engagement !