Cultural diagnosis 


The human factor is the principal pitfall in mergers and transformations, and as we know the cultural dimension of the digital transformation that affects all companies, is a one of its major components.

Nonetheless, support programs when it comes to change are often stereotyped and lack of an initial goal diagnosis, that would have allowed the identification of the relevant gaps regarding projected culture, as well as the main points or convergence elements that would constitute stronger support.

With its simple and economic solution, Talk4 offers the possibility to analyse an organisation’s culture according to 5 focuses among the 10 dimensions that constitute a company’s culture: the client’s position and service sense, trust, personal or group initiative, internal collaboration, performance management, ability to learn, pride, innovation, management and flexibility.

The diagnosis involves all associates who answer a 32 questions questionnaire (20 scored questions, 12 open questions) allowing to evaluate the organisation’s position on selected cultural attributes, but also to identify the behaviour and lifestyle of the organisation where those cultural attributes occur or lack.

The aim of the process is to understand rather than to measure. The analysed answers will serve to find a concrete lever to define a suitable course of action that optimizes the chances of success of a project. The last, but not least, advantage is that all associates will be consulted and can contribute, that is where the first step to commitment lies!

Operational teams’ co-construction of aims.

When setting goals in an organisation, the first challenge is the operational one. To prevent energy loss, each individual and team must assimilate aims, and those aims have to be translated into a concrete roadmap for each position, each associate, in a progress-making approach. This process needs to be quick in order to minimize the time loss between 2 exercises and for everyone to start acting upon it quickly and to be on the right track.

With talk4, ensuring speed and co-construction isn’t a challenge, two weeks is a sufficient time window to communicate and involve all associates and managers of an operational action, and to promote the conditions for everyone to be ready to start the year with a good understanding of the roadmap.