Sharing a project


It is usually through the management line that a request goes when information needs to be share throughout a whole organisation, or when a new strategy or working approach is implemented.

Even if the idea of involving managers is very healthy, the traditional working method that provide them with a presentation to share among associates, with more or less pedagogic clarifications, often leads to incomplete or distorted information (understanding a presentation and being able to recreate it or answer challenges is two different things!)

In this implementation process, reported information is poor or non-existent, it can thus be only after a long time that the misunderstandings are revealed, when it would have been very easy to immediately correct them, or that objections are known when they could have been taken into account right away.

By losing content, we also lose time and collective knowledge in the expected implementation.

Thanks to talk4’s platform, it is possible to share a complex message or project in a homogenous manner, by providing efficient support to the management team, which can maintains its capacity. The whole process also includes a flow of information, which will provide valuable information on the efficiency of the content-sharing process and the understanding of the message.

To this end, a sharing process talk is created, perhaps led by the management team, and delivered by each manager to his/her team during a specific period of time.

If there are a 100 teams, the talk will be delivered 100 times; 1000 teams, 1000 message deliveries…

This talk is created from a self-supporting content that is identical for all (videos, presentation, webinar), thus ensuring a homogenous message-sharing process and a specific questioning for each team; helping managers to lead a discussion among their participants.

Each team is thereby put into an active listening situation where they can express their reactions and questions.

The manager is put into a convenor position, not as an expert on a topic he/she does not master.

The team guiding a project have access to periodic statistics on the number of given talks and on the reaction synthesis given by talk4, facilitating the assessment of everyone’s reaction and the possibility to react.

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