Digital Convention


 In the vast majority of cases, conventions, forums, kick offs and other corporate meetings only include a small proportion of associates or managers; because of organisational, financial and consistency restrictions that come with a large crowd.

If we concede that the group’s dynamic and energy during the meeting is only reserved for the participants, we then expect the happy few to share what they have learned and heard with those who couldn’t attend.

Yet, 10% of the knowledge at best will be relayed in a domino effect. The traditional sharing-content tool within a firm lacks efficiency.

What if a solution to create events that allow all associates of an organisation to be engaged, at a distance, existed?

What if we could organise a collaborative digital convention which allows everyone to discuss, participate in workshops and share their ideas in a digital world café, almost as if they were in the same room, all from their own workstation?

Thanks to the Talk4 platform, it is now possible to provide a collective experience to an entire organisation without exception, by creating a digital event that takes place over one or two days.

In the meantime, talks are open, enabling content-sharing, co-construction sessions or simple chats guided by a questioning and where a synthesis report is available.

Those talks can take multiple forms: short live talks involving all participants at the same time or longer asynchronous talks that allow all participants to react in their own time.

In any case, Talk4’s capacity to progressively analyse and process participants’ interventions as they come, allows creating a real dynamic across the entire firm.

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