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Creating an active digital community with your electors, clients, and partners with whom you share a common interest is the modern way of creating commitment to your brand or cause.

Some, like politicians, NGO or iconic brands, bear witness of the potential of individual’s commitment, who desire a voice to get involved in matters which concerns them and who can rally in forums to offer suggestions, find solutions together or help other members of a community.

However, the human resources needed to succeed through social networks or standard collaborative platforms are significant. Without an army of volunteers to process Excel spreadsheets, it is very difficult to sort out the collected data, and without a physical meeting, forums run out of steam.

It is necessary to draw attention, conduct forums, hold genuine conversations, sort out suggestions and provide a synthesis for the content sharing to have value for its members in the long term. Without content curation and shared dynamic, the community runs out of stream, loses interest and can even become counter-productive.

Talk4 offers a new solution to lead important communities. It is a facilitating digital platform that allows to lead open forums and offers the ability to analyse large volumes of participation thanks to its cobot of semantic analysis in natural language, and to immediately offer a synthesis to support the debate.

The members of the community can access the platform as they see fit, but can understand immediately the discussion thread in which they can be integrated.

The discussions are in fact not only digital, there are multiples possible options for groups to interact in a physical meeting, with each other or with remotely connected people.

Contributions can be analysed as whole or individually, in any case, nothing is lost… and certainly not the energy they are all willing to invest in the collective debate.

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