Operational teams’ co-construction of aims.

When setting goals in an organisation, the first challenge is the operational one. To prevent energy loss, each individual and team must assimilate aims, and those aims have to be translated into a concrete roadmap for each position, each associate, in a progress-making approach. This process needs to be quick in order to minimize the time loss between 2 exercises and for everyone to start acting upon it quickly and to be on the right track.

With talk4, ensuring speed and co-construction isn’t a challenge, two weeks is a sufficient time window to communicate and involve all associates and managers of an operational action, and to promote the conditions for everyone to be ready to start the year with a good understanding of the roadmap.

Here is a protocol to implement this process, involving 2 levels of hierarchy in a regional management:

D-Day  : a balance sheet is introduced in the whole organisation, each associate participates in a talk that highlights the strengths, areas of progress and the potential for development in his/her team, in the specific fields identified by the executive management team.

Day + 2 to D + 4 : the data results are available to the management team (N+1 level) who can analyse, compare and identify the gaps and areas to improve further. Each manager drafts his/her first version of the roadmap.

Day + 5 : the courses of actions and priorities of each team are available to the regional team, which can thus organise a convention according to the valuable inputs they received.

Day + 8 : .a regional convention, which gathers the manager of each team, is organised using talk4, and workshops to work on the identified challenges are available. Thanks to talk4 it is also possible to organise discovery courses on the code of good practices

D + 9 : all the discussions are available for those who need it.

D + 10, 11 : each team works on a synthesis and communication exercise, creating a general dynamic; each individual knows what to do.

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