What if you change your way of working to launch 2018 ?

Soon, you will decide how to launch this new year. Kick-off, convention.. like every year, you will aknowledge efforts of your employee to the turnover, announce your priorities, allocate objectives to everyone.

Like every year… Really ?

Because everything change for you this year..

What if you change you method to have a better start ?

Better meaning : involving EVERY collaborators, co-constructing with them their roadmap by creating a dynamic to have guidelines and go foward faster all together.

Better, because you already mobilized your firm’s collective intelligence.

Thanks to talk4 digital platform, you can organized a digital convention with all your collaborators, connected at the same time, wherever they are, to force them to think before action, work with them, individually or together.

You could, of course, combine face-to-face meetings with remote discussions.

Less travels, less logistics, less topdown communications. More exchanges, more energy and more implication !

Co-construct 2018 with your team to have a better and faster start !

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